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mega-T CD

mega-T is a 3 x CD album 100 page booklet + tree seeds (tree seeds Europe only) / 33 track electronic download trance / techno / electronic, folk, ambient spoken word music. It is available to buy from this website for £20.00 GBP (including postage in the UK) and £10.00 for the electronic download. It's also available from various popular music stores.

CD1 dance

The dance cd is a beat-mixed album of 12 great tracks from the early 90's through to 2012 being mostly trance. The album is designed to move from mid-beat to uptempo. It begins with 'Open Our Eyes' by Marshall Jefferson, the world-famous Chicago deep house track with it's positive conscious lyrics and deep vibe. Next is 'Positive Education' by Slam, the iconic UK techno cut from Soma records Glasgow and renowned in techno. This version is their own recent 2011 Slam re-mix. Then is 'The Milky Way' by Jaia, a beautiful melodic electro house track with an operatic vocal from the French ambient-trance producers. Next is 'Flooressence' (dayglo mix) by Man with No Name, a legendary producer in trance music from the UK. This was a hit in the 90's (particularly in Europe) and was in the UK charts. It is synonomous with Uk parties in the 90's and contains one of the greatest hooks in dance music. 'Axis Flip' again by Man With No Name comes next, a deep and rhythmic tune. Next is 'Cafe del Mar' (kid paul mix) by Energy 52 ( 'everyone's favourite trance track' according to DJ Mag) the most well-known trance track in the world. This is the Kid Paul mix, one of the original writer's production and arguably the best. 'Elevator' by Shinny follows, an uplifting melodic track with a memorable violin break. This was one of the favourites on mega-t's 'cathedral' dancefloor. Next is 'East 98th Street' again by Man With No Name, from the 'Across the Tracks' album. A chugging monster, pulsing, mesmerising. Next is 'Alienated' by Earth Nation. Trance music originated in Germany and Earth Nation were among the very first pioneering producers. This is Earth Nation's own new 2009 remix of their classic tune. Then is 'Morning Star' - the Reactor remix, by S-Range, a newer producer, from Switzerland. Great melody and sound. Then is 'Trinodia' by Alderamin. A new track a very deep original sounding track from new Chilean producers with a deep bass, from 2012. Finishing the album is 'Mir' by Astrix. Astrix is a newer producer from the Israeli scen , very well-known in trance music now. This is one of his best ever (and also one of his own personal favourites). Very full-on.
This dance album is a continuous mix, beat-mixed by Dj TK, well-known London remixer/ beat-mixer and dj of over 30 years experience.

(30 second clips of all the tracks on the mega-t album can be heard on the mp3 player on the home page or on mega-t soundcloud album - also via the facebook page.)

CD 2  ambient

The ambient album is an electronic ambient / experimental album, a continuous mix of great ambient tunes, sounds from nature recorded live and also short soundbites from famous scientists, writers, philosophers and spiritual teachers (recorded live at the mega-t events) including Sir Arthur C Clarke, Terence Mckenna, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Ram Dass and Jaki da Costa. Featuring well-known largely UK ambient electronic and festival artists, Astralasia, Solar Quest, Star Sounds Orchestra, Low 948, Tim Freke (the well-known stand-up philosopher/ musician / best-selling author author) and Thelemic Pulse , the tribal acoustic drumming / electronic trance healers who build their own giant drums. The album also features folk / protest artists / festival veterans / activists Seize the Day. John Perry Barlow's (Grateful Dead lyricist and internet pioneer) lyrics feature on 'A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace' by VTea and Entropica ( an electronic / spoken word peon to the internet that appears on thousands of websites). Audio soundbites from Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Cambrige university biologist / author and inventor of 'morphic resonance'), Timothy Leary (harvard psychologist and famous lsd guru), Allen Ginsberg (Beat poet / co-founder of the Beat Generation), Ram Dass (world-famous spiritual teacher / harvard psychologist / author of 'Be Here Now'), Terence McKenna (well-known revolutionary US ethnobotanist, shaman and author) Sir Arthur C Clarke (world-famous science fiction writer) and Jaki da Costa (UK author and wiccan practitioner). The nature sounds were also all recorded live.  The tracks, nature sounds  and soundbites are all inter-mixed, giving a continuous ambient sequence. (Tracks are still track divided as in the dance album). (This is the same as an original album).

CD3   shamanarchy

The 'shamanarchy' album contains 10 electronic house / techno and acid tracks up and downtempo, some with vocals and a beautiful meditation. The album name shamanarchy comes from the events at the original mega-t. Most of the tracks on the album reflect the 8 Solar festivals of the Wheel of the Year. These are guided by John Crow. The album begins with an experimental acid track featuring the words of Sir George Trevelyan (the father of the new age movement) by Unimind. The following 8 tracks are the solar festival tracks called ' Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox etc. These electronic tracks reflects each of the solar festivals. Some of the tracks feature vocals by Maria Silmon and John Crow. They reflect the changing season's mirroring those times of year and their rituals.  The album concludes with a full moon guided meditation written and performed by Suzy Straw (founder of Encircling the Land with Sacred Dance) a lovely evocative spiritual meditation. This album is composed of individual tracks.

'Peace'   (download). 'Peace' by Ram Dass. This is a continuous meditation by Ram Dass and Knights Of The Occasional Table. Written and performed by Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) one of the greatest spiritual teachers in the world. With a deep electronic soundscape backing by KOTOT this 23 minute guided meditation is a deep and serious meditation for healing, peace and relaxation. Written by Ram Dass.
Produced by Knights Of The Occasional Table, ambient / folk producers from the UK.
A 10 minute clip of this meditation is available to see / listen to, via the bottom of the 'CD' page 'Other' section (youtube, with computer visuals).  

'Peace' becomes available automatically after purchase as a download from this site (please see info below). So after purchase of the album (physical and download) you simply download the free download that appears ( alongside the download files too if you have purchased the download version of the album). It comes with the physical album so once you purchase that a link becomes available.

Album Track Listing

Track Listings
Track No CD1 CD2 CD3


Open Our Eyes (Celestial Mix)
Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth
Hippios (Neptune Mix)
Star Sounds Orchestra featuring Jaki Dacosta and Rupert Sheldrake
Theme from Universal Mind (Audiokin Mix)
UniMind and Sir George Trevelyan
2 Positive Education (Original Mix)
Save the Whale
Solar Quest featuring Terence Mckenna
Winter Solstice (Ominous Eye Mix)
UniMind and Pip
3 The Milky Way
Jaia (feat. Aurora Borealis)
Kaeru Diablo
Rhythm of Space featuring Sir Arthur C Clarke
Imbolc (Moksha Omtrax Mix)
UniMind & Maria Silmon
4  Floor-Essence (Dayglo Mix)
Man With No Name
Hooray in a New Way
Tim Freke featuring Terence Mckenna
Spring Equinox (Eye Mix)
5 Axis Flip 
Man With No Name
Lahara Pt 2
Low 948 feating Timothy Leary
UniMind and John Crow
6 Café del Mar (DJ Kid Paul Mix) 
Energy 52
Durga's Eyes
Astralasia featuring Allen Ginsberg
Summer Solstice
7 Elevator (Harmony Mix) 
A Declaration of the Independence
Of Cyberspace
Entropica and V. Tea words by John Perry Barlow featuring Ram Dass
 Lammas (Moksha Mix)
UniMind and John Crow
8 East 98th Street 
Man With No Name
Vision of the Deep
Thelemic Pulse
 Autumn Equinox
9 Alienated (Earth Mix)
Earth Nation
Thelemic Pulse
Samhain (Ominous Mix)
UniMind and John Crow
10 Morning Star (Re:actor remix) 
No One’s Slave
Heathen’s All
Full Moon Meditation (Technicians of the Sacred Mix)
UniMind & Suzy Straw
11 Alderamin 
12 Mir
*Beat-mixed by Dj TK          * Beat-mixed by Ignition

To hear 30 second clips of all the tracks please go to

Peace    Ram Dass and the Knights of the Occasional Table  23 minute guided meditation for physical and spiritual healing


mega-t album CD booklet

The mega-t album CD booklet is a 100 page full-colour CD booklet, a guide to shamanism, sacred dance, gaia, evolutionary consciousness, love magic, full moon celebration, nature based spirituality and packed with exclusive interviews and artwork. (Based on an original album booklet (updated and expanded), featuring new articles and all-new graphics / artwork ).

Based on the liberation inspired / nature-attuned / spiritual / new conscious / harmonised hemisphere / psychedelic concept, it features articles on the gaia hypothesis, by James Lovelock (one of Britain's most important scientists and inventor of the gaia hypothesis), creation spirituality by Matthew Fox (founder of Creation Spirituality), 5 rhythms dance, an interview with Gabrielle Roth (founder of the 5 Rhythms dance movement), para-psychology by Serena Ronay-Dougall, psychedelics by Timothy Leary (world-famous Harvard psychologist and LSD pioneer), shamanism by Leo Rutherford, the solar festivals by Kate Pengelly (mirroring the theme of the shamanarchy album), environmental conservation by the Women's Environmental Network, Tantra by Caroline Aldred (best-selling tantra author), Be Here Now by Ram Dass, a quote by Sir Terry Pratchett, poetry from Michael Horovitz, From the Grasslands to the Starship by Terence Mckenna and more. A full list of authors can be found below. The booklet also includes an updated 'diy directory', a directory of ethical, environmental, spiritual, healing and DIY organisations and contacts for them, found in the UK and internationally.

The artwork is from Martin Wood (of Unimind), original mega-t artist and responsible for the overall album design and co-producer of tracks on the shamanarchy album. Further artwork comes from Sheila Maclurkin, Scandinavian surrealist and mega-t, Jamie Reid - famous Scots artist most well-known for his Sex Pistol's work, David Goodman of mega-t, Mel Pollard owner of Sauce design, Ed Grace - mega-t and Medland Reynolds ( of Thelemic Pulse). All the artwork is original.

The mega-t album booklet is printed on specially sourced sugarcane bagasse (waste) paper (the waste material from the sugarcane plant) which is virtually tree-free. It is elemental chlorine and acid-free using renewable raw materials. The paper mill is self-sustaining using an effluent water irrigation system, making this the cleanest paper on earth. Sugarcane is one of a smaller number of plants in the world that is an extremely high carbon-fixer (C4 plant) converting a much higher proportion of carbon-dioxide to oxygen. It is part of the solution to climate change (the UN is currently attempting to create the same high carbon-fixing type plants among rice plants for the world's food source). The paper is also very durable and the print quality is fine. It has been especially imported from India.
To see examples of the booklet pages please see below / the mega-t album facebook page.

Articles in the booklet are by:

Peter Dawkins  (Cambridge university architect / expert on sacred landscapes + solar festivals)
Gabrielle Roth, interview by Alex Spong  (dance pioneer / founder of the inernational 5 Rhythms dance movement / musician / author // mega-t telling cave / techno-silence suite organiser and booker / promoter)
Terence McKenna   (US ethnobotanist, author, shaman, psychedelic experimenter )
Serena Roney-Dougall       (UK para-psychologist and author)
Maria Morris           (UK author / promoter / theologian)
Matthew Fox      (US priest and theologian, founder of Creation Spirituality)
Kate Pengelly         (UK author, unimind)
James Lovelock   (world-famous UK climate scientist, inventor of the 'gaia hypothesis' and electron capture detector))
King Arthur            (UK pagan priest, eco-warrior/protestor, druid)
Martin Kavanagh    (author, musician, internet pioneer, artist)
Ram Dass        (harvard psychologist / famous spiritual teacher / author of 'Be Here Now' which this article comes from)
Timothy Leary      (harvard psychologist, famous lsd guru and author)
Sir George Trevelyan     (educational pioneer, father of the new age movement)
Fraser Clark    (psychologist, author, promoter, co-founder mega-t and founder of the Zippy movement)
Helen Kinsella     (trustee of the Women's Environmental Network) 
Alison Reynolds     (musician, shaman, co-founder of the group 'Thelemic Pulse')
Sir Terry Pratchett    (world-famous best-selling fantasy author, discworld)
Suzy Straw           (spiritual dancer, founder of Sacred Dance)
Leo Rutherford        (author, teacher of shamanism, founder of Eagle's Wing)
Michael Horovitz   (UK Beat poet, author, musician, one of the founder's of London's 'swinging sixties', well-known UK promoter of poetry)
Caroline Aldred    (best-selling tantra author, tantra teacher and expert)
Martin Wood         (graphic designer, film producer, musician, promoter, co-founder of Unimind, shamanarchy experiments) 
James Hamilton            (promoter / writer / author / mega-t, epi, evolution)

Graphics / artwork in the booklet are by:

Martin Wood       (unimind, graphic designer/promoter/ musician (mega-t)
Jamie Reid          (legendary / iconic punk artist (Sex Pistols, mega-t)
Mel Pollard         (designer, artist, co-founder and owner of Sauce Design)
Dave Goodman    (designer / illustrator (mega-t)
Ed Grace              (designer, illustrator (mega-t)
Sheila Maclurkin     (scandinavian artist, surreallist (mega-t)
Medland Reynolds   (artist, musician, of group Thelemic Pulse (mega-t)

Some examples of booklet pages can be seen in the 'booklet pages' section' and as larger pictures, on the mega-t facebook page (

DIY directory

The mega-t album booklet contains a 'diy' directory. This is a directory of alternative organisations (although not so alternative in 2015 maybe).
This includes contacts in the fields of yoga, spirituality, rave organisations, environmental organisations, protest groups, real ethical banking, wicca, shamanism and more.
Most of these organisations listed have international affiliates. 

The meditation download, 'Peace' the 23 minute guided meditation by Ram Dass and Knights of the Occasional Table, is available upon purchase of the physical cd or electronic album download from this site.
Written by Ram Dass and Knights Of The Occasional Table (Cowan, Radford, Packett).
Performed by Ram Dass.
Produced by KOT and licensed from Knights of the Occasional Table and Ram Dass.
To listen to a 10 minute excerpt of this meditation track (youtube), with visuals, please go to

Booklet Page

Below are a few small photo examples from the 100 page mega-T album CD booklet (these are smaller than actual size): 
For a few larger page examples please see the mega-t album Facebook page facebook/megatalbum. Also click on the link at the bottom of this page for a few pages in a short slideshow (click on the image to change).

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mega t album tim leary

Design by Martin Wood,  art by Sheila Maclurkin. Articles by 
Sir George Trevelyan, Kate Pengelly, Leo Rutherford,
Timothy Leary, Serena Ronay-Dougall.


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